A few weeks ago I had a wonderful opportunity to get a snap shot with the new Wiggles together with the old wiggles! Jeff Fatt, Murray Cook and Greg Page will retire at the end of this year, making way for the new members. Anthony Field is the only original Wiggle who will remain part of the show and Lachlan Gillespie, Emma Watkins and Simon Pryce will become the purple, yellow and red Wiggles. Emma, Lachlan and Simon have been touring with the Wiggles for many years now as back up dancers and welcome the new role. Emma has been a part of The Wiggles team since 2010, starting out as Fairy Larissa and then spending her time performing as Dorothy the Dinosaur, Wags the Dog, and also as a Wiggly Dancer. Lachy has played the role of Captain Feathersword on the Dorothy the Dinosaur Traveling Show touring extensively throughout Australia since 2009, then joining The Wiggles tour as both a Wiggly Dancer and Wags the Dog. Simon Pryce started as one of their main voice artists on much-loved CDs such as 'The Wiggles go Bananas', 'Top of the Tots', 'Wiggle Bay' and 'Cold Spaghetti' just to name a few. We wish them the best of luck in 2013! www.thewiggles.com.au
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