10549190_10154765099640727_6710530719934834366_o Shooting a slow motion music video has its challenges and its rewards. Last week I worked on a music video for Lucy B. It was a well polished ballad written for a fan whose partner had passed away. Lucy's guitarist was in Perth so I was filling in however, I was also called upon for a technical discussion in Pre-Production. Lucy liked the idea of having the entire clip in slow motion whilst keeping the integrity of her lips in sync with the song. Apologies, the next section becomes a bit technical. We were using a Canon 5D mark iii shooting at 50 frames a second at 720p (the canon 5D doesn't shoot 50frames at 1080). I edit using Avid Media Composer but the editor on this job was using Première - so we tested both. 10661684_10154765100975727_6351593641899276605_o First of all, we brought the song into Premiere, placed it into a 25p sequence and used the speed/duration function to speed it up to 200% whilst ticking the 'Maintain Audio Pitch' function so it didn't sound like a chipmunk. Next, we got Lucy to sing to the sped up version live whilst filming at 50fps. I always find this stuff amusing because you need to ‘get in the moment’ and act to quite a strange sounding song. Then we imported that footage into Premiere, placed it in a 25p sequence. Right click Speed/Duration and slowed it down to 50% and it worked! Using Avid Media  composer was a little more complicated - As usual. First we created a 25p 720 project, AMA linked the 50fps footage, then placed it in a sequence. We used the Timewarp tool to slow it to 50%. Although, when you do this it doesn't automatically increase the duration of the clip, it will kind of cut it off half way. You then need to use the trim tool to extend the clip all the way to the end so you have the entire shot. Then transcode all the shots to something usable like DNxHD 25p. Ultimately, Premiere is a much simpler process and you get the same result. Although, I would still use Avid Media Composer for two reasons: 1. I'm a little more familiar with Avid. 2. I still get to use all the other functions and tools once in Avid which I believe, at this time, is still a superior editing suite. I can't wait to see the final edit! For more info on creating a slow motion video see the links below: Using Adobe Premiere:
Creating Beautiful Slow Motion in Adobe Premiere Pro
Using Media Composer:
Working with Slow Motion Footage in Media Composer
  Above photos by Matt Croke.
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